Resist Model Calibration by Using CNN Backpropagation

Published as 2023 IEEE TSM, 2021 SPIE Advanced Lithography
New approach for resist modeling

OPC Using Bidirectional-RNN

Published as 2021 IEEE TSM (BPA), 2019 SPIE Advanced Lithography
First paper that used RNN for lithography applications

Synthetic Pattern Generation Using GANs

        IDCT image                      cGAN output              After post-processing

Published as 2020 IEEE TSM
First paper that used cGAN for synthetic pattern generation

Dynamic IR-drop Prediction Using CNN

Published as 2022 MLCAD, 2021 ISCAS
First paper that used U-net for dynamic IR-drop prediction

Transient Clock Power Prediction with Pre-CTS Netlist

Published as 2020 ISLPED, 2018 ISCAS
First paper that used ML for clock power prediction

ECO Leakage Power Optimization Using GCN

Published as 2020 GLSVLSI (BPC)
First paper that used GCN for leakage power optimization